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Lay down immediately and only get up if you have something powerful in your hands or near by, like a machine gun or a throwing axe, because in the shooting games you are not the only one capable of hitting the other with anything at hand. Sometimes they show up one after another, but there can be dozens and even hundreds of them together waiting for you to appear. They are aiming at you and the only thing you can do is to move swiftly and knock them down before they are able to pull the trigger. Humans just like you, vengeful robots that killed their creators and terrible monsters are just a few examples of what can be expecting you after the next wall or just a few meters away. A white weapon will do for any distance, depending on what you have, but they are not so useful if the enemies have a quick fire gun to shoot at you. If you take one too, make sure that you have enough ammunition or if it’s possible to get them later, because running out of it will certainly mean your doom and the end of your secret and dangerous mission.